About me

ArcheryEver since my mum got pregnant from me my dad wanted a red haired girl called Marjolein. He got his wish. Born in Amsterdam and raised in a village 20km from Amsterdam. Since I was a teen I’ve been addicted to Ireland, photography and fantasy books. I don't take as much pictures as I'd like though, because there's a limit on how many times a close-up of tulip is original. But when I get the chance to get away from my usual surroundings, the camera goes with me.

Since September 2011 I joined the local archery club. Bought a beautiful bamboo bow May 2012 with which I’ve shot a couple of competitions both inside (at a blazon) and outside (at styrofoam animals). There is no better feeling than seeing your arrow whoosh through the air and hit just where you wanted it to.


Around 2000 I got interested in building websites after I had a html course at school. Ever since I've been working with websites in one way or another. From starting simple with a fansite of my favourite comic ElfQuest to making it my job when I, in end 2006, started at Calanza BV, a online media/marketing company where I could throw myself at the sites of clients like Microsoft Belgium, Microsoft Netherlands and MSN Netherlands.


Since 2007 I have coordinated plenty of projects for Microsoft product (Windows Phone 6.5, IE8, Office 2010, Windows Phone 7) and OS (Windows Vista, Windows 7) launches. I've set up the website/pages for Velota and helped with Grand Scley, Translation World and Force Five.

April 2013 I changed jobs, moving from building website to building email templates for Emark BV. As Client Service Manager I’m responsible for creating (responsive/adaptive) mail template and answering questions of clients via email and telephone. As well as giving advice about do and don’ts of responsive design, email content and data management.

Launch HubsIn my free time I've build sites for Je verdiende loon!, Al-Kitaba Vertaalburo and De Bron and joined a friend at Hooked Gamers to help with the editing of articles and building action pages like: Holiday Gift Guide 2009 - 2013, the Game of the Year Awards and Launch Hubs for a couple of games.

I've always found it important to keep the quality of work delivered as high as possible, and more important, the contacts with clients positive. I can't not admit that I love keeping people happy. A happy client makes things so much easier in the short and long run.